New York Real Estate Journal
  • Question of the Month: What are the Benefits of Utilizing the Enforcement of Court Orders for Condo Board Receivers?
  • Interim Relief for Condominium Boards
  • State and Federal Governments Seek to Embrace Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
Contractor Profit News
  • Who’s Got the Risk
Barter News
  • In the 1990’s There Will Likely Be an Increase in the Use of Countertrade As a Major Method of Financing International Trade Transactions
  • How to Budget for Real Estate Attorney Fees When Selling a Home.
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Tully Legal
  • Getting Your Signature Notarized Remotely and an Update on Durable Power of Attorney Legislation. 
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  • Legal Update: Durable Powers of Attorney: The Not So Merry-Go-Round 2020 Version. 
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